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Supporting Student Transitions

Expert Guidance for Transitioning Students

As a student, are you looking for guidance through the UK University application process or are you confused about your potential fee status? Perhaps you’re a UK passport-holder raised overseas as a third culture kid - did you know that you might be eligible to be charged UK-fees instead of being charged as an International student, potentially saving you thousands of pounds? Perhaps you have been homeschooled and don't have access to the usual support provided by schools. We're here to guide you as you navigate your way through the application process, advising on how best to claim UK-fee status, providing guidance on your UCAS application and personal statement and supporting you as you transition into life in the UK at University.

As a parent of a student are you looking for clarity on what fee level you should be paying for your son/daughter and seeking a safety net to ensure that your child is safe and looked-after as they arrive at University and settle in to life in the UK?

We have a range of packages available to assist and support you in this crucial stage of your life and career. We recognise that each student’s circumstances are different so do contact us to see how we can you help individually. Our aim is to support and guide and not to interfere; to help you transition and adapt. 

Click on one of the links opposite to find more information on our services covering fee status guidanceUCAS and university applications and transition support.

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