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About Eseldi

Solutions for Higher Education

At Eseldi, we understand that change is not always easy. We assist institutions of all sizes respond to challenges and transitions in order to stay competitive and guide students in transitioning between cultures and geographical locations.


Our expertise is ready to guide you to develop strategies towards strengthening and empowering you for the future. We provide especial focus on TNE, Quality Assurance, Teaching & Learning, Student Experience and Student Transitions.

Stephen Doughty is one of our Directors and a Founder of Eseldi Ltd. He has worked for over 15 years in UK- and EU-owned higher education institutions in Malaysia, at senior management, CEO and Board level. He is currently an active QAA Scotland reviewer and was one of three external reviewers who authored the 2019/20 QAA review of the UK's TNE in Malaysia. His experience has included the formation and management of Foreign University Branch Campuses (FUBCs) and enhancing the student experience of TNE delivery. He held the role of Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning) at the University of Nottingham Malaysia and that of President & CEO at RCSI & UCD Malaysia Campus. 

Lorna Doughty is one of our Directors and a Founder of Eseldi Ltd with a wealth of experience in managing transnational student transitions in to university, especially from SE Asia to the UK and in advising students on UCAS/SFE funding applications. She lived for 15 years in South East Asia and understands the needs and concerns of international and expat students and parents as they navigate their way through the UK Higher Education system.

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Quality Strategy Development
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