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Transition Support

Expert Guidance for Transitioning Students

Preparing to move to the UK from overseas to start life as a university student in Britain can be both exciting and daunting. The Directors of Eseldi Ltd were both expatriate parents and understand the difficulties that expat and international students can face if they have no contacts in the UK to support them in this transition - and the anxieties that their parents might have! Often universities provide support for international students, but not all students arrive at the same time and this support isn’t usually offered to expats if they are confirmed as home-UK fee status.


But don’t worry - that’s where we understand your needs and can offer a service to support you. We provide a range of options depending upon your specific needs, covering airport pick-up, helping you move in to your accommodation and register at university, provide bedding packs and essential start-up kits if needed as well as being an emergency contact and support whilst you study. We can provide transport to the airport at the end of your first year and assist in arranging the storage of possessions over the holiday.


We’ll even give you CV-writing support at the end of your degree - we’re here to help you throughout your university journey but importantly to be there for you as you transition in to and through university.

Use the button below to contact us for information on how we can help you and for our fee structures.

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