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Fee Status Guidance

Expert Guidance for Transitioning Students

Many UK nationals who’ve lived outside of the UK as expats, often for years, frequently believe that their son or daughter must pay International fees at UK universities but this isn’t always the case. In fact over the last few years we’ve helped numerous families to claim their rightful UK fee status despite not living in the UK for much of their lives. Each individual student’s situation is different but we’re here to advise you on potential eligibility and how best to put forward your case. We’ve helped these families to save many thousands of pounds in fees alone, but also guided them through the process of applying for student loans (e.g. from Student Finance England) which has further reduced the financial burden on the family. 

If you’re a student who has UK Nationality and think that you might potentially be eligible for UK fee status, then please do contact us for information on how we can help you, an initial assessment and for our fee structures.

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